Tanking Kits

Arguably the most critical part of any wetroom is the Tanking (Water-proofing).

Once your floor former is in place and the waste connected, you then need to lay your tanking membrane before tiling.

Our Orca Tanking kit is one of the very best out on the market. It is easier to work with than most sheet membranes. It is self adhesive, and comes complete with a lifetime of tile guarantee. This means that as long as you have your tiles on the floor, your Orca Tanking kit is guaranteed. It has two main benefits over cheap "paint on kits".

Firstly Orca is designed for use on wooden and concrete floors and will stretch slightly with any movement without losing integrity. Paint on kits was originally designed for European bathrooms which are more likely to be solid floors, and less prone to movement. In the UK we tend to fit most wetrooms on wooden floors. As Orca will move with any structural movement more than the majority of "Paint on's", in our opinion Orca is the best system to use, and is second to none. Paint on systems are generally cheaper for a very good reason. Secondly, you can tile immediately on to Orca saving valuable time and money.

These are just two reasons that we do not promote or offer Paint on systems.

NB: If you are having a vinyl floor finish you do not need, and should not use tanking.

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Orca tanking kit 10m

Self Adhesive Butyl Floor Membrane
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Orca tanking Kit 5m

Self Adhesive Butyl Floor Membrane
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