If you were to ask Ten people what a Wetroom was, you would quite likely get Ten different answers.

So what is a wetroom?

A wetroom is a level access shower area, where the gradient of the shower area falls gradually to the waste. This not only makes it a highly desirable and a modern space in which to shower, but also has the added benefits of level access. And of course there is ease of use for people that need a little extra thought and planning when designing their bathroom.

Two myths to dispel are:

  • 1. The whole bathroom gets soaked every time you have a shower. Actually, this is not how a wetroom works. With the addition of a safety glass wetroom screen, the water is contained in the shower area.
  • 2. Wetrooms can leak. A wetroom will not leak if you do not use cheap and inferior products, and you follow the fitting instructions. Wetrooms are Tanked (Waterproofed) and actually have far less chance of leaking than any shower enclosure and tray.

What a wetroom definitely isn't ,is a low profile shower tray with a screen on it. Otherwise known as "The wetroom look". They are not tanked, and solely rely on a few pence worth of Silicone to stop them leaking.

There are many Wetroom systems out there today.
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